Welcome to Healing Racism in Schools, LLC

Healing Racism in Schools, LLC is an Anti-Racist Coaching and Consulting Service, specifically designed for schools and those who work closely with children. We work intimately with your staff to develop an Anti-Racist Action Plan that includes transformational trainings and personalized anti-racist coaching. Some of our training topics include : How to De-Center Whiteness in your Curriculum, Anti-Racist School Policies and Procedures, and How White Staff Can Confront Internalized White Supremacy. We are happy to customize our trainings to meet your schools needs.

Sharla Stevens and The Ancestors is the founder of Healing Racism in Schools. She has over 20 years of experience working in education, including a teaching credential and Master' Degree in Education. She has over 10 years of diversity training experience and trained extensively with Stir Fry seminars in Cross Cultural Facilitation for educators. Finally, she is also putting her own children through these culturally incompetent schools! She knows both that challenges schools and parents face as we strive towards creating an Anti-Racist learning environment.


She has spoken on numerous US based podcasts including Better Schools, Better Leaders, served Upward Bound, San Ramon Valley School District and has spoken various times at Lafayette's Peace and Justice Center in CA. Sharla was also featured on the news as an Anti-Racist School Expert in Canada, trained on racism in schools in the United Kingdom, but is known best for her transformational work in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she is a native. Currently she is contracted with San Francisco Unified School District.  Want to learn more? Contact us today for an initial consultation.


Recorded Trainings

We offer a variety of trainings available to serve you at your convenience. Some of our most popular trainings are: How Educators Can Better Serve Students of Color, How to Talk to Kids About Racism and Black and Brown Wellness in Schools. Click the link below to learn more or schedule a call.

Anti-RAcist Laser Coaching

Let's face it. This work isn't easy. Get the support you need when you need it. Work with me or another Anti-Racist School coach in brief 15 minute power sessions to help you with any challenges you face along the way! School leaders love having a coach who can accommodate their busy schedules! Purchase this alone or as a part of another service! Schedule a call to learn more!

90 Days to becoming anti-racist

Over the course of 90 Days we will work intimately with you to develop your transformational, Anti-Racist Action Plan for your school. We do this in 4 parts. 

Part 1 is developing your Anti-Racist Mindset and Habits.(This is why most programs fail, They miss this part!) 

Part 2 is building your Anti-Racist community. 

Part 3 is analyzing your school data.

Part 4 is co-creating your Anti-Racist Action Plan including access to our trusted Anti-Racist Service providers! 


This is only for schools who pass our rigorous evaluation and who we believe are seriously committed to this work!  Think that's you? Schedule a call. 

Action Plan & Year-Long Consulting

After we evaluate your school for readiness, we will co-create a unique transformational Anti-Racist Action Plan for the entire school year! Your plan may include: Year-Long, Anti-Racist Laser Coaching, a Series of dynamic, interactive, Anti-Racist Professional Development for educators, Incredible, Anti-Racist Resources for Parents, access to our ENTIRE library of RECORDINGS and a clear road map to create the Anti-Racist school of your dreams. The best part, you'll be fully supported along the way! Want to get started? Schedule a call!


Sara Liebert, Principal, San Francisco, CA

  In my fifteen years of working in education, I haven't seen another professional development facilitator as reflective, responsive and dedicated to working with a school and its team as I did when we worked with Sharla. She has a keen ability to hook staff, engage and help adults learn to engage in conversations and work that push equity mindset from talk to actions in schools. We are so happy with her work that our school has decided to continue to work with Ms. Stevens during the 2021-22 school year- and not the administrator making that decision, my teachers and staff asked for her to come back! 


Have a particular anti-racist issue at your school or don’t even know where to begin? Contact me today and see what I can do for your campus!